/ Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA) series the majority of the protagonists and secondary characters are male, probably because most gamers are guys and they prefer to role-play a male character instead of a female. Nevertheless and despite this severe barrier between genres, there are always a few females to spicy up things in the GTA stories. Who are the beauty queens of the GTA 5 Women ?


1. Tracey De Santa

This naive girl is Michael De Santa’s daughter and she has a dream, she wants to be a star and to achieve her goal she is determined to do basically anything to reach her goal. Her beauty and attractive looks will grant her an audience for the adult TV program, Fame or Shame. Tracey is very rebellious and disobedient but Michael can’t really complain, after all it’s a family thing.

 GTA TRACEY 227x300 GTA 5: Top 5 Prettiest Women

2. Molly Schultz

 Molly plays an antagonist role in GTA 5 and she’s a lawyer business woman working for Davin Weston. She handles multiple contracts between the three protagonists and Davin. Her charm and appearance will eventually seduce Trevor but without any noticeable impact. She ends up being a victim of a deadly incident while running from Michael De Santa.

GTA MOLLY 231x300 GTA 5: Top 5 Prettiest Women

3. Tanisha Jackson

Tanisha used to be Franklin’s girlfriend but things didn’t end up too well for them. She dislikes his business ways, especially when it concerns cars; however she seems to enjoy money. Despite the problems of the past they seem to maintain a friendship relation between each other. Her looks seem to favor her quite nicely, not long after breaking up with Franklin she informs him about his marriage with an unknown doctor.

GTA TANISHA 229x300 GTA 5: Top 5 Prettiest Women

4. Ashley Butler

Ashley is known for her drug addictions since GTA IV. In the fifth game, she will engage in a love triangle with Trevor and Johnny. Ashley can’t make up her mind about her true feelings and intentions and Johnny ends up dying at the hands of Trevor. Her future is not brilliant and even her looks can’t do much for her own life, since she ends up dead one way or another.

 GTA ASHLEY 235x300 GTA 5: Top 5 Prettiest Women

5. Mary-Ann Quinn

According to Trevor, Mary-Ann is the ideal woman for him, she is as crazy and freaky as he is but she doesn’t seem too convinced about his words. Mary-Ann is obsessed with her body and to keep it in shape she practices fitness and rides her bicycle frequently. She treats males with disdain, mainly because she thinks they only approach her with one single thing in mind, sex.

 GTA ANN 221x300 GTA 5: Top 5 Prettiest Women